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What Rebate Void Is Required For An Opti myst Fire?

May 31, 2012

The Dimplex Opti myst is one of the most popular electric fireplaces in the market. The fire features an elaborate and cleaver flame effect that is second to none and extremely high quality. The fire is a high end electric fire and is suitable for our range of marble fireplaces. The majority of homeowners will have no problem fitting this fire as it fits into a standard opening and will frequently be recessed into a chimney or flue. Some homeowners may however have some difficulty fitting this fire surround against a flat wall and the below information will help with the required information:

Whatyou need to know about Opti myst Fire Rebates:

1. The recess depth of the Opti myst Fire will depend the model you order. The Older models (Cavendish, Charlott, Chesford & Brookline) need deep recesses of around 160mm deep. In an ideal situation the recess depth of the fire should be pushed into your chimney or flue. If you are planning to fit the fire against a flat wall then you will have to order a spacer kit (trim that hides 100mm depth of the fire) and order a fire surround with a 75mm rebate and accommodate for the extra recess depth required. The deeper rebated fire surround pulls the back panel forward (away from the wall) and effectively allows you to recess the fire within a void between the wall and front of the back panel.

2. More recent Opti myst Fire models (Danville series) can be recessed in a standard 75mm rebate & hence are much more fitter friendly if you are installing the fire against a flat wall.

3. If you are installing the Opti myst fire against a chimney, then we will manufacture your fire surround with a 25mm rebate. This means the back panel is pushed as far back to the wall as possible and effectively the fire is pushed into the void within your chimney.