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Fireplaces on Sale

Our Sale marble fireplaces are supplied complete with a one piece panel and hearth and include the minimalist Trent marble fireplace and the contemporary Chelmsford marble fireplace. Our Marble surrounds are manufactured in a range of sizes from the grand 54 inch wide to the extra petite 40 inch width and with a choice of three marble colours. Both the Trent and Dorchester have a free down lights at the present. We can also supply a black granite hearth and black granite panel at a small extra cost with any of our budget marble surrounds. All our marble fireplaces are suitable for fitting with both gas fires and electric fires. Any of our marble surrounds together with any of our electric fires can be fitted against a flat wall. Prices include delivery with our own drivers and the marble surrounds are delivered into your home. With over 2200 positive reviews we have a reputation for delivering quality marble fireplaces all manufactured in Britain