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What Is An Electric Fireplace Optimyst Effect & How Does It Work?

May 25, 2012

The Optimyst Effect is a revolutionary flame effect manufactured by Dimplex. The effect is truly outstanding and probably like nothing you have ever seen before. The effect is based around using mist (smoke) combined with emerging coals or logs to create the illusion of fire. Essentially the Optimyst Effect eradicates the need to have a glass screen on an electric fire, which is the most common criticism of electric fireplaces. Conventional electric fires simply work by flickering ribbons behind a glass screen to create the illusion of fire, however they are never quite as realistic for this very reason (as they are behind a screen).

How Does the Optimyst Effect Work?

1. Simply put, there is a water tank below the eclectic fire that uses conventional filtered water and converts this into mist. The illuminated mist with emerging (glowing) logs/coals creates the illusion of a burning fire.

2. The water tank needs to be filled with conventional filtered water and you can use any suitable conventional home filter such as a Brita water filter . The manufacturer recommends using filtered water as it does not clog up the working mechanism of the fire with the build up of timescale. Mistakenly many showrooms assume you need to use bottled water for the fire, however conventional filtered water will be fine.

3. Current models of the fire do not use low energy bulbs and the effect is still powered by high voltage halogen lights. The main reason to use halogen bulbs as opposed to LED alternatives may be to lower manufacturing costs (as it is already an expensive fire) or to have the ability to launch a low energy efficient model in the future.

4. The bulbs and water tank are easily accessible on all current models of the fire. The fire has been manufactured in a way that allows you to easily replace component parts if necessary. After close examination of the fire in the showroom (we have all the models), we would thoroughly recommend this fire to anyone looking for a high end and realistic electric fire for their home.

Is the Optimyst fire good value for money?

Originally threes fires were a technological marvel and were extremely expensive to cover the innovation that went into the designing process of the fire and as a result these fire cost over £600 when first launched. Currently newer models are much more modestly priced and aimed at a retail price that can compete with similar top end offerings from all leading electric fire manufacturers. The Optimyst fire in our opinion will always be a high end product and will probably never be a cheap and cheerful fire option. However most homeowners are drawn to this lovely effect and for that reason it is well worth every penny spent.