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What Is An Electric Fireplace Optiflame Effect?

May 23, 2012

The Optiflame Effect is a specific flame effect with an extremely realistic flame effect.

Electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular with modern homes and traditional homes alike. Many homeowners that have ordered fire surrounds from us have previously owned a gas fire would often prefer to opt for an electric fire for various reasons. Electric fires enable you to use the flame effect independent of the heater; this means you can use the fire for a wonderful glow without necessarily having to turn the heater on.

Electric fire optiflame effect explained

Electric fire flame effects are undoubtedly distinctively different and often enough poor flame effect lead many people to think that electric fires is a bad idea and only poor effects are possible. In actual fact it is possible to have electric fires with outstanding flame effects and they can closely emulate the effect of real fires or gas fires alike. The optiflame effect is a registered and patented effect owned by Dimplex. The manufacturer uses a series of cleverly positioned mirrors & ribbons to create the illusion of fire in a more realistic way when compared to almost all alternatives. Since the launch of the effect in the 1980’s, the optiflame effect has been one of the most realistic flame patterns imaginable on the market.

What makes some electric fires more realistic than others?

The technology used to create the flame pattern on electric fires is the key ingredient that creates the illusion of fire and makes some fires look more realistic than others. Nowadays you can find electric fires with almost unimaginable effects some of which include; built in smoke machines & holograms. The decorative frame around the electric fire is often referred to as the trim and plays an important part in the overall look and feel of an electric fire. The bottom section of the electric fire is known as the fret and is also a key attribute to all electric fires. Most manufacturers use the same flame effect engine and simply vary the trim and fret to create different fire models. By changing the trim and fret, the entire fire looks completely different and gives customers a wider choice to match existing decor and features.

How much do electric fires cost?

Electric fires cost from as little as £80 (from cheap internet dealers) to £500 for the top of the range technology. Most customers budget around £250 for something decent and with a realistic flame effect. At Creative Fireplaces, we advise our customers to try and avoid using poor effect electric fires in our marble fireplaces as it ruins the overall look and feel of your fire surround. Essentially our products are more suitable for midrange to top end fires to create the overall luxury and distinctive elegant appearance associated with marble fire surrounds.