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Do Electric Fires Give Off A Humming Noise?

May 15, 2012

All electirc fires are not noisy

Electric fires in the past used to be synonymous with extensive complains from noisy motors. However, modern alternatives and higher quality fires sold on our website do not have the same problem. There are cheaper fires available online that still suffer from this problem.

What makes electric fires noisy?

1. All electric fires use a radiant fan to push out hot air into the room. As the fan is turned on, on occasions it can be noisy if it is not correctly insulated and manufactured well. Essentially there can never be a 100% silent (noise free) fan motor, however higher quality electric fires do not emit extensive noise whilst the fan is on.

2. Older electric fires use a spindle to create the flame effect by rotating ribbons behind a screen. The spinning wheels often created an annoying humming noise. Modern electric inset fires work in a different way and have a series of ribbons with a fan, series of bulbs and mirrors to create the effect required.