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What type Of Hearth Is Suitable For Wood Burning Stoves?

February 05, 2012

Wood burning stoves have become increasingly popular & we frequently get asked to manufacture bespoke fire hearths for wood burning stoves. However, there is allot of confusion with regard to what materials are suitable for wood burning stoves

What type of hearth do I need for a wood burning stove?

  • Marble is not suitable for wood burning stoves. So you can either have a hearth manufactured in Slate or Granite
  • Fireplace hearths for wood burning stoves need to be cut and rejoined. This created expansion joints and allows the heat to disperse without cracking the hearth
  • The back of the cut and rejoined hearth needs to be filled with cement (a process known as slabbing). This is best done on site whilst fitting the hearth by simply bedding the hearth on sand and cement base and hence effectively filling the back of the hearth with a heat resistant material