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How Do I Pick To Right Fireplace Edge Profile?

February 05, 2012

As a fireplace specialist we offer several edge profiles and shaped fireplace hearths. The most common edge profile is a boxed and lipped profile, although several other edge profiles are certainly possible

Types of edge profile & shaped fireplace hearths:

  • Marble is much easier to carve and work than Slate and Granite and for this reason there is a wider choice of edge profiles available on marble fireplace hearths
  • For some homes, space is at a premium and it is hence desirable to order a fireplace hearth that is not excessively deep (does not come too far out into the room). However, the gas regulations require a minimum depth of 300mm from the front of the hearth to the edge of the back panel. For this reason it often desirable to specify a bowed (curved) or five sided shaped fireplace hearth which still retains the same central depth, however seems less imposing as the corners are shaped

Homes with children & the elderly

  • If you are worried about young children (or the elderly) being venerable by sharp corners on the edge of your fireplace hearth, then please contact us and we would be happy to round the edges of the hearth.
  • As standard, we would always chamfer the edges of the hearth which would ensure that the edges of the hearth are not sharp, however if you would prefer to have the edges full rounded then please let us know and we would be happy to do so