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How Do I Measure A cut to size Hearth?

February 05, 2012

Most homeowners need a cut to size hearth to cover an existing cut out in their carpet or flooring. At Creative Fireplaces, we make made to measure fireplace hearths to the sizes you specify. It is important to clearly specify what you are looking for to ensure that the bottom section of the replacement hearth we manufacture covers the existing cut out in your wooden flooring or carpet

How to measure a replacement hearth

    The majority of fireplace hearths have a boxed and lipped effect.
  • This means the bottom section of the hearth is smaller than the top section (which has an overhang) For this reason, it is important to measure the length and width of the cut out in your carpet or wooden flooring that needs to be covered
  • Simply give us the dimension you need to cover and let us do the rest
  • We will specify this on your order and ensure that you receive exactly what you need

Other points worth mentioning

It is also important to clearly let us know if you will be using the hearth for a conventional gas/electric fire, or a wood burning stove. This will affect the way we manufacture your hearth and the suitable materials Marble is suitable for gas and electric fires and is the cheapest option to consider. Granite and Slate is suitable for solid fuel if it is cut and rejoined to create expansion joints Simply tell us what you want to use the hearth for and we will give you a quote in the suitable materials for your requirements