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Would it be possible to start a gas fireplace or inset gas fire without electricity in a power blackout. If you boiler fails to work?

February 13, 2011


Yes ... The majority of gas fireplaces woodwork without electricity or in the event of a power blackout, as the majority of fire starters a battery-powered.

Reasons to purchase a gas fireplace:

1. Electric fireplaces do not provide the same reassurance as gas fireplaces do in the unlikely event of an electrical blackout. For this reason many homeowners prefer to install a gas fireplace should they have a power blackout or a boiler fail to ignite.

2. Gas fireplaces form a great backup plan in cold winters and in the unlikely event of your main boiler system failing. It is important to note that gas fireplaces have a much higher heat output and electric fireplaces. Typical a gas fireplace has a 3 kW heat output (however high-output gas fires can have heat outputs in excess of 5 kW). The majority of electric fireplaces have a 2 kW fan heater output.

3. Gas fireplaces having open living flame effect, and even they are not used as the principal source of heat providing great decorative ambient environment. Despite the progression of electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces are much more realistic at emulating a real wood-burning fire and electric fireplace with ever be.