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Do Marble Fireplaces stain and do they need to be sealed, how do Marble Fire Surrounds compare with Limestone Fireplaces?

March 24, 2020

<<Yes Marble fireplaces Stain>> Marble fireplaces like any other material will stain if proper care and maintenance is not adhered to. Just like wooden fire surrounds, marble fireplace surrounds will stain if they are exposed to harsh chemicals, abrasive liquids and any sharp objects that could scratched the surface. Essentially the best care you could provide is preventive measures to ensure that the stain scratch does not arise.

"How to look after and maintain a marble fireplace?"

Marble fireplaces do not require periodic sealing if they are used with gas fireplaces or electric fireplaces. The majority of all natural marble fireplaces and Micro marble fireplaces are manufactured from pre-sealed slabs of marble and do not hence require any further treatment. If you will be using a solid fuel fire (burning wood or coal) then it is advisable to always sealed the surface of the marble with suitable sealer prior to using the fireplace. This soot created from wood-burning fires is very different to any vapour that is created when using gas fireplaces, and for this reason it is advisable to seal the marble.

Are marble fireplaces more stain resistant when compared to limestone fireplaces?

<<Yes marble is more stain resistant>> Both marble and natural limestone are porous materials and both materials can hence stain. Limestone is more porous than marble and more susceptible to staining that marble as a result. Micro marble (man-made artificial stone) is much more stain resistant that hundred percent natural marble or limestone, as the small percentage of resin material helps prevent against stains.