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Will My Inset Gas Fire Fit A New Fire Surround?

December 11, 2012

At Creative Fireplaces we are always honest and advise customers to only change the aspects of the fireplace that they think require replacing. We frequently have customers that would like to retain their existing gas fire and simply replace the fire surround, hearth and panel. It is often difficult to work out if your replacement fireplace will have enough recess depth and the adequate opening to accommodate your current gas or electric fire.


Will my fire fit?

1. The majority of fires are designed to fit into a standard 16.25 inch wide x 22.25 inch high opening as the fire manufacturers do not make fire surrounds and vice versa. Essentially this means the vast majority (95% or more) of fires can be fitted in any fire surround.

2. The cut out in back panels (the section where the fire is recessed) is almost always standard. At Creative Fireplaces, we make all our fire surrounds to order in Nottinghamshire and can adapt the opening to suit your requirements if needed.

3. The rebate is the distance from the back of the wall to the front of the panel. This is essentially the internal void within the fire surround to recess the fire. It is best to manufacture a fire surround with the back panel pushed as far back to the wall as possible.