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Will gas fireplace work without power if there is an electrical blackout?

February 12, 2011

For many homeowners one of the biggest fears about purchasing a gas fireplace is whether it will work during an electrical power blackout and hence act as a backup heat source if there is no electricity. Almost all gas fireplaces and nowadays ignited using a 12 V battery, and do not need an electrical supply to ignite the fire. For that reason the majority of gas fireplaces will work without power if there is an electrical blackout.

Using a gas fireplace as a backup heat source

Gas fireplaces generate much more heat and electric fireplaces, as the average gas fireplace has a 3KW radiant fire, whereas a conventional electric fireplace has a 2 kW heat. Gas fireplaces are principally designed as a decorative feature for a home rather than a principal source of heat. The majority of homeowners would like to use gas fire for a simple decorative living flame effect rather than to generate heat. If you would like to use a gas fire as a backup heat source then perhaps it would be worthwhile purchasing high-efficiency / high output gas fire.