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Why Is White Marble Not Suitable For Solid Fuel Fires & Fireplaces?

January 24, 2012

White marble fireplace & hearths (base section of fireplace) are a lovely neutral colour and would complement virtually any decor or interior. Marble is a lovely material to use for fire surround however is soft and porous and for that reason is not suitable for solid fuel fires:

Common misconceptions

1. We often get emails and have conversations with customers whom have clearly been told by other fireplace companies that marble will be suitable for wood burning stoves (as the fire is on feet). This is incorrect as the marble will crack regardless 2. people often think that as long as expansion joints are created the heat will disperse and there will be no problem using a marble hearth. This is also incorrect as the hearth will almost certainly still crack due to the immense heat generated from solid fuel fireplaces 3. It is often argued that 100% natural marble will be able to withstand solid fuel fires where as micro marble (engineered stone) is not able to do so. However, this is incorrect as natural marble (even if it is cut and rejoined) will not be able to withstand the heat from a solid fuel fire 4. Solid fuel fireplace hearths need to be bedded on sand andcement to gain full strength and to be able to withstand the heat emitted from solid fuel fireplaces. This is a necessary process that some people refer to as “slabbing” and can either be done on site (preferred option) or during the manufacturing stage. It is much more practical to fill the hearth on site, as the hearth is very difficult to handle and transport if it is filled with cement during the manufacturing process