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Why Do Fireplaces Not Come In Small Sizes?

January 18, 2013

At Creative Fireplaces we often get asked to manufacture fireplaces for smaller homes. Typically the majority of fire surrounds are designed 54 inches wide [1372mm] or 48 inches wide [1219mm] and not available in smaller sizes. The typical sized fireplaces are not suitable for smaller rooms.


1. At Creative Fireplaces we manufacture a large range of smaller fireplaces 40 inch wide [1016mm] or 42 inch wide [1067mm]. These dimensions will suit a smaller home. We are also able to manufacture fire surrounds even smaller than this if required.

2. Hang on the wall fireplaces are an alternative for homeowners looking for a minimalist look and dimension. These fires simply screw into the wall and are available in much smaller sizes. The main drawback with hang on the wall fires is that they don’t have a mantle and are not arguably a focal point.

3. If you are installing an eclectic fire, then it is also possible to cut down the hearth to any dimensions you like. Gas fires on the other hand require a deeper hearth as the Gas Safe Regulations specify a minimum depth of a 300mm overhang from the front of the back panel to the edge of the hearth. Fireplace hearths for gas fires are typically 15 inches deep.