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Why Do Balanced Flue & Power Flue Gas Fire Fireplaces Need A Terminal & Cage On The Outside Exterior Wall?

September 19, 2011

The vast range of Gas fires are an incredible innovation that has virtually been embraced nationwide is the majority of homes with piped gas. Gas fires simply work using readily available gas and are extremely convenient as they can easily be turned on and off, unlike Solid fuel wood burning fires that require the homeowner to store large amounts of fuel at home. Gas fires have a smaller heat output than wood burning fires, however modern homes simply use a fireplace for decorative purposes rather than for a primary heat source. Boiler heating systems are so efficient that there is hardly a need for a high heat output from a fireplace. The average gas fire has a 3kw heat output, which is sufficient to heat a modest sized room and certainly to take the chill out of a room quickly.

Differences between Balanced & Power flue fires?

(a) Balanced flue gas fires were developed for homes without a chimney or conventional flue. The fire is simply vented out of an exterior wall. Balanced flue gas fires are glass fronted and usually all very highly efficient (frequently 95% from manufacturers such as Flavel and Valor).

(b) Power flue gas fires were developed for homeowners which preffered a open living flame effect fires (fires that are not glass fronted). The main disadvantage of power flue gas fires is the fact that there is an open channel connecting the exterior wall and home, which in the majority of cases would lead to a severe draft coming into the room.

Many manufacturers will argue that the terminal on the exterior wall of the fire prevents all drafts, however in our experience a power flue gas fire can lower a room temperature by over 5 degrees (increasing heating bills).

The cage on Balanced Flue & Power flue gas fires

Both Balanced Flue and Power Flue Gas fires have a terminal or cage on the exterior outside wall. Typically the cage if fitted quite low down on the wall as it has to be directly parallel to the fire on the internal wall. The cage is needed to prevent anyone accidently touching or coming into contact with the vent as it can become very hot. Aesthetically, these cages are not pleasing and often hard to disguise ... however they are a necessary functional part of balanced flue and power flue gas fires

Suitable Fire surrounds

At Creative Fireplaces we modify all our marble fireplaces to be suitable for Balanced Flue and Power flue gas fires. We manufacture the fire surround specially to ensure that the back panel is pushed as far back to the exterior wall as possible, which will make it easier to install the fire as there is no void to fill and the fitter can easily remove an exterior brick and vent the fire externally