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Why Are Gas Fireplaces Are More Efficient Thank Fire Baskets?

November 11, 2012

One of the most interesting debates in the fireplace industry the importance of efficiency verses looks. For the majority of homeowners the fireplace is nowadays a central feature and visual feature of their home as opposed to a principle source of heat and cooking. Hence the overall look and aesthetics of the fireplace are arguably even more important than the efficiency of the appliance.

Efficiency verses looks the debate continues:

1. Open fires are a lovely feature to have in your home, however burning wood/coal in this manner is extremely inefficient (cost verses heat generated) and for that reason many homeowners have now opted for inset gas/electric fires and solid fuel wood burning stoves.

2. Open fires (or a fire basket) are a lovely feature and often seen in magazines and movies to create an ambient atmosphere. Solid fuel wood burning stoves on the other hand are a specialist appliance that burn fuel more efficiently and leave less mess in your home.

3. Electric fireplaces are a great alternative to consider if you simply want to use your fireplace as a focal point rather than a principle source of heat. Electric fires are the only types of fires that have the technology to enable you to use the flame effect independent of the heat source.

4. Gas fireplaces are also worth considering if you do not want the hassle and fuss of storing solid fuel in your home