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White Marble fire surrounds

June 30, 2010

White marble has become an increasingly popular material to use with fire surrounds. White marble is both clean and contemporary, and lends itself well to modern and traditional decors. There are several veriations of white marble that can be considered when selecting a material.

Carara Marble

This is by far one of the most well known marble colours in the world, and originates from well known Italian quarries. The marble is light white in background colour and has striking grey veins running through it. The purer Carara Marble (less grey veins and fishers) will generally be very expensive and quite rare. Natuaral White marble for fire surrounds is also sourced from several other countries such as Turkey, India and China. Pure white natural marble is very rare and very expensive due to worldwide demand in alternative uses (such as temples). On average a 54 inch fire surround manufactured in pure white natural marble (with very little veining) can cost up to £1500.

Alternative Micro Agglomerate White Marble Fire surrounds

Micro Agglomerate marble is manmade from 98% marble and 2% resin (typical composition quoted). Essentially the idea is to create the perfect replica that cannot be found naturally. Micro marble is also stronger and more stain resistant than natural marble. We stock an impressive white marble colour called “Antique White marble” that is very popular for customers looking for an affordable white marble surround. Prices for a 54 inch Antique White marble surround begin at only £375 including delivery.