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Which side of the fire is the electric lead positioned so that you can make sure there is a socket nearby the fireplace?

March 08, 2011


There is usually a 2 m lead with all electric inset fires. The fire is located centre the fires surround, and hence you can have a socket either to the left or the right fireplace.

Helpful advice:

1. When installing a fire surround with an electric inset fire (commonly referred to as electric fireplaces), is often important to ensure that you have a power socket nearby. Most homeowners with sufficient DIY experience are able to install electric fireplaces, provided there is an electrical socket nearby.

2. It is often useful to connect and electric inset fire to a dedicated socket which can be isolated if there is a problem. For this reason having a socket to the left or the right the fire surround is a distinct advantage.

3. If you were to locate the socket behind the back panel (the section of the fireplace that is stuck to the wall), then you will find it difficult at a later date to isolate the socket need to.

4. If you are ordering a fire surround with integrated fireplace down lights, there is important to note that you will require to sockets rather than one (one socket for the down lights and one socket for the inset electric fire).

5. Electric fireplaces are simply plugged into a standard 13 amp socket, and can be installed virtually anywhere in your home.