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Where Can I Buy A Small 36 inch wide fire surround?

February 20, 2012

At Creative Fireplaces, we are a specialist manufacturer of marble fire surrounds and have a vast amount of experience in manufacturing fire surrounds to fit certain specifications and bespoke requirements 

Frequently requested bespoke fire surrounds scenarios:

1. We often get asked to make smaller fire surrounds for homes with restricted space. Frequently the fire surrounds need to be 36 inches wide or even smaller due to the current width of the chimney breast. Standard fire surrounds are 48 inches wide and would be far too big for such properties. At Creative Fireplaces, we are able to modify a vast range of fire surrounds to fit smaller homes. We would also advise on the best type of design depending on the size required 2. We also often get asked to manufacture a bespoke fire surround to fit between the gap in existing dado rail and hence avoid having to replace this around the property. Essentially this is a complex task as the entire fire surround must be redrawn to achieve this. However, we are able to offer this change of a range of our fire surrounds at a fraction of high street prices. We would also be happy to offer specialist advice on the type of fire surround that would ideally fit the specified size 3. We also frequently manufacture bespoke fireplace hearths to cover an existing cut out in flooring. This essentially means the fire surround remains the same size, however we manufacture a bespoke hearth (to the dimensions specified). This is an extremely useful service as it means the current flooring does not need to be altered as the hearth will cover an existing opening