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Where Can I buy A Cheap Narrow Small Marble Fire Surround Fireplaces From?

June 14, 2012

If you have a small living room, then you are probably already aware of how hard it is to find elegant narrow fireplaces . The main limitation is often being able to find a design that you like which is available in fireplace manufacturersmaller narrower sizes. Unfortunately, then majority of fireplaces in the UK are nowadays imported from low cost countries such as India & China and for that reason distributors stock the most popular sizes which are often 48 inches [1219mm] or 54 inches [1372mm] wide and do not offer narrower sizes. 

Where can I buy a Cheap Narrow Fire Surround From?

1. Local fireplace showrooms & specialist traders are becoming increasingly harder to find, however if you have a local showroom in your area, then it is often worth visiting them (with your dimensions) and seeing what options they have available. Specialist fireplace showrooms often have a vast array of contacts and for that reason are able to order smaller designs if needed.  However there may not be many small displays to physically have a look at prior to placing an order.

2. At Creative Fireplaces, we are a specialist manufacturer of marble fireplaces and have vast experience manufacturing smaller fire surrounds for virtually any size you require. We are unique in the fact that we own the factory where the fireplaces are made and for that reason are able to fully customise your order to suit your individual requirements for a fraction of high street prices. We offer a large range (12 designs) of surrounds that are available 42 inches (1067mm) or 40 inches (1016mm) wide as standard for no extra cost. It is also possible to manufacture a bespoke fire surround to suit your individual dimensions or even sketch.