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What Type Of High Output Gas Fireplaces Are Advisable In Cold Winters?

February 06, 2012

If you’re considering a fireplace as a principle or supplement heat source then there are many aspects you must consider and be aware of. In modern times, the majority of fireplaces are simply decorative and do not really serve a purpose other than being an attractive focal point for your living room. If the fireplace is intended to generate part of the warmth needed to heat your property, then you should consider the room size verses the heat output of the fire

 1. Most conventional gas fireplaces have a 3kw heat output. This is sufficient to take the chill out of a modest sized room. However, this is not suitable to heat larger rooms and frequently the main drawback of conventional gas fires is their 60% efficiency rating. This effectively means 40% of the heat generated is lost up the chimney 2. High efficiency gas fires do ‘exactly what they say on the tin’, and are essentially gas fires with a glass front with improved efficiencies up to 95%. This essentially means you do not get the ambiance of a open flame (as it is behind glass), however the fire is much more efficient and the majoiry of the heat is radiated into the room