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What Type Of Fireplaces Are Suitable For Coal Fires?

April 24, 2012

There is a growing demand for solid fuel fireplaces. Wood burning & coal fires are nowadays gaining popularity. The past decade has seen the rise of gas fireplaces which are extremely easy to maintain and essentially do not require you to store any fuel in your home (as they work using piped gas rather than stored coal/logs).

Are all fireplaces suitable for coal fires?

1. Unfortunately all fire surrounds are not suitable for coal fires. Coal burns at extremely high temperatures and these fires are very different to conventional gas fireplaces or electric fireplaces for that reason.

2. Coal fires need a cut and rejoined back panel to allow the heat to expand and escape without cracking. Materials such as marble can not withstand the heat, and for this reason the back panel should be manufactured out of Granite, Slate, Stone or Cast Iron. It is also possible to purchase an entire cast iron back panel which has been specifically designed and manufactured for solid fuel fireplaces.

3. The process of cutting and rejoining the hearth (base section of fireplaces) and the back panel (section where fire is recessed) is known as slabbing. If you need any help or advice on solid fuel fireplaces please refer to the dedicated solid fuel section on our website.