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What Size Fire Surround Do I Need?

January 13, 2012

Most homeowners do not want a fireplace to look too menacing and are worried about the overall ambiance of the room. There are several rules of thumb to follow to ensure you purchase a fire surround that will look proportional in your living room

Picking the right size fireplace

1. Typically if you centre your fire surround and have an inch or two (60mm) either side, then you will have the right size fire surround for your home. This means you should not have a fireplace that touches the chimney breast from corner to corner as this will look too imposing 2. Having a large amount of space either side of your chimney breast will also not look great. Some showrooms suggest purchasing 37 inch wide fire surrounds that would typically leave 5 inches or more either side of your chimney breast, and this would not look right. Smaller fire surrounds are usually cheaper, however you need something that will look proportional and you clearly would not want something that looks like an after thought 3. If you are fitting a fireplace against a flat wall, then it is trickier to work out what size will fit best. Typically in this situation you need to figure out your furniture arrangement and the space you have before any other furniture is placed

Useful advice

1. At Creative Fireplaces, we have some fireplace designs which have a 48 inch hearth (standard size), with a smaller mantle (44 inches). These fire surrounds still look elegant and proportional, however have a minimalist look as they are small and elegant. If you are particularly worried about size, then perhaps you should consider something that has been proportioned with smaller dimensions 2. We also make fire surrounds 40” or 42” wide, which will fit almost all applications