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What Should I Consider When Buying A Cheap Real Solid Fuel Fireplace?

February 04, 2012

Real fireplaces are often referred to as solid fuel fireplaces or wood or coal burning fire surrounds. There are many choices available in today’s market which often confuses customers as there is plenty of jargon and sales pitches to decipher when making such an important decision 

What you should know about solid fuel fireplaces:

1. It is more expensive to fit a solid fuel appliance, as compared to gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces. This has always been the case, as your chimney or flue needs may to be lined and the materials needed to install solid fuel appliances are always more expensive (such as flue pipe which can cost in excess of £500 per job). Due to the high cost of installation (typically twice the spend on the appliance), the true financial benefit for solid fuel fireplaces is often less than it initially appears 2. Solid fuel appliances (especially wood burning stoves) rely heavily on 100% dried wood. Many people think you can simply burn anything, including freshly cut wood, unused pallets or even household trash for heat. This is incorrect and will ruin your wood burning stove or cast iron fireplace and invalidate your warrantee 3. Solid fuel requires a constant supply of coal or logs which must be stored. In most homes this is a hindrance as storage space is limited