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What Rebate or fire recess void do you need for a gas fireplace?

May 10, 2011

Typically there are many fireplaces in the market, and online websites (such as Creative Fireplaces) is much cheaper than ordering a fireplace form a high street showroom.

What you should know

1. Ordering a fireplace isn’t as easy as ordering a standard free standing appliance despite what many people think

2. Fire surrounds have be specifically selected if you will be installing a gas fire. The gas regulation states there should be an airtight gap between the back of the back panel and the chimney breast or wall. This means fire surrounds fitted with gas fireplaces are easier to fit if the back panel will be pushed as far back to the wall as possible.

3. Essentially the smallest void (called a Fireplace rebate in the trade) is 25mm. This means the back panel is pushed as far back to the wall as possible, and there is a 25mm void. You will need 20mm for the thickness of the back panel and an additional 5mm for grout.

4. Electric fireplaces will need a fire surround with a deeper void if they will be installed against a flat wall without a void. Typically, Dimplex Electric inset fires need a recess depth of 55mm. A fire surround with a 75mm rebate (quite a common measurement) would be suitable. It is important to always check the recess depth required for your electric fire to ensure it fits prior to placing an order.

We are different at Creative Fireplaces

At Creative Fireplaces, we manufacture all our marble fireplace surrounds in our own Nottinghamshire factory. As a direct manufacturer of marble fireplaces, we are able to modify the internal rebate to accommodate your fire if required. Hence we can essentially make your existing or new fire fit a new fireplace surround purchased from us. We offer this as a completely free service to all our customers, making us totally unique to all other online websites (as they do not own a factory)

If you do not purchase from us, you should specify the following:

1. We suggest sending a picture of your wall or chimney

2. We suggest detailing what you will be installing: “E.G”: I'm sending a photo of the type of fireplace I have. The depth of the recess is 105mm, and the depth of the gas fire is also 105mm, so the back panel can be fitted more or less flush with the wall. I hope this makes things clear.

3. We suggest asking the retailer to write back to you to confirm that the fire surround is suitable for your application