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What quantity of cement and adhesive is needed to correctly install a Marble fireplace fire surround, back panel and hearth?

September 28, 2010

Marble fireplaces and very easy to install in the correct ratios and instructions are followed. As Creative Lifestyle, we supply all marble fireplace surrounds with hidden inner fixing brackets that are screwed to the wall, and cannot be seen in the outer edge of the fireplace.

Step one

Locate the fireplace hearth in the centre of the fireplace opening. For best results make a mixture in the ratio: one part lime, one part cement and six parts sand (1:1:6). Some experienced installers will use 4 parts sand to 1 part cement, and no lime whatsoever. The mixture is completely at the discretion of the installer, and there is no industry standard mixture that we are aware of. You should now add water to the mixture in small quantities and should be stiff enough to stand on the trowel.


Brush the area around the current fireplace hearth (or area) with a stiff brush and ensure the area is dust free. It is important to never stand on the fireplace hearth as this can crack the surface of the marble or granite.

Step two

Locate the marble back panel, and apply tile adhesive to stick the back panel to wall or fireplace chimney. If you fireplace has a large rebate (internal void to recess fire), then you back panel will be pulled away from wall and needs to be filled with suitable non-combustible material.

Step three

Position the fireplace columns either side the fire surround, and use the internal brackets to screw the fireplace column and secured it to the wall chimney breast.

Step four

Place the fireplace mantle onto the fire surround, and fasten the mantle onto the fire surround using non-permanent adhesive such as clear silicon. We would strongly recommend that you use a non-permanent adhesive as it leave flexible enough to remove the mantle at a later stage if you need to.