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What Opening Sizes Do Outset Gas Fire & Surrounds Fit In?

July 11, 2012

With extensive laws and specifications surrounding gas fires, it is often difficult to work out what will type of gas fire will work best and also the respective laws and limitations of different scenarios. It is possible to visit a high street fireplace showroom for advice and they will usually be able to set you in the right direction and provide valuable advice. Unfortunately, the majority of fireplace showrooms are much more expensive than online retailers (Creative Fireplaces, is typically 70% cheaper than most high street alternatives) and this is an expensive way to do things.

Checking your gas fire fits in a fire surround:

1.Firstly the most important thing you should establish is what type of chimney or flue you have.

(a) If you have a brick built chimney (typically found in older properties) then you have ample recess depth and all fires will fit into the recess. You can even choose to opt for a full depth gas fire which has an extra row of coals or pebbles and makes the fire look deeper. Full depth fires can also offer higher heat output than shallower fires, however this would depend on the specific make and model of fire you are considering.

(b) Precast flues or class 2 chimneys are narrower and would require a smaller depth fire (often referred to as a slimline fire to work).

2.The cut out in the back panel of the marble fire surround is very important. Typically standard cut outs are 16.25 inches wide x 22.25 inches high (413mm x 565mm). This would fit the majority of gas/electric fires. As a specialist manufacturer of marble fireplaces, we are able to increase the size of the cut out if required.

All gas fires must be fitted with a non-combustible back panel. Materials such as MDF timber are hence not suitable and you should have back panels (section where fire is recessed) manufactured in Marble, Granite, Slate or stone.