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What Makes Glass Fronted Fires More Efficient?

November 13, 2012

Glass fronted gas fires are much more efficient than regular convector or radiant fires. Most showrooms would simply advise customers that the glass front make fires more efficient than open fronted living flame fires. However the majority of consumers are not entirely certain why this is. The below guide will help you understand more about the fires are why they are more efficient.

Why are glass fronted fires more efficient?

1. The glass front on a gas fire means there is less heat loss up the chimney and essentially the entire combustion of the gas fire works more efficiently as a result. The average conventional inset gas fire is only 60% efficient, which means 40% of the heat is lost up the chimney. With high efficiency fires there is around 98% efficiency which means for every £100 spent of gas there is only £2 lost up the chimney.

2. At present there is no technology available to make open fronted gas fires as efficient as high efficiency glass fronted gas fireplaces. Flavel (a major fire manufacturer) has launched a range of open fronted fires that achieve around 75% efficiency, however the fires are unable to match the conventional glass fronted fires that are over 90% efficient .