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What is the weight of 48 inch wide or 54 inch wide marble fireplace surrounds?

March 09, 2011


48 inch wide or 54 inch wide Marble fireplace weighs approximately 200 kg to 250 kg (up to 23 stone).

Helpful information:

1. At creative fireplaces, we manufacture our own marble fireplaces in our Nottinghamshire-based factory. We offer free UK mainland delivery, and the all our fireplace are carried into your home (not a palletised delivery). This ensures that even the elderly, children or women are able to accept our fireplace orders during the delivery process, as there is no additional requirement for anyone to give the driver and offloading the vehicle.

2. By offering a free delivery service we ensure that all our marble fire surrounds reach your home in the same condition they left our factory.

3. The most difficult section of the marble fireplace and transport is the fireplace back panel (the section which is stuck against the wall). As this section has the cut out in it, it is extremely fragile and can easily break if handled incorrectly. Marble fireplaces also need to be transported by experienced drivers are packaged in the correct manner them to travel long distances will stop. If you rest a fireplace column horizontally down on a standard hatchback vehicle, then it is possible to crack the marble during transit.

4. The majority of fireplace retailers online will offer palletised delivery services, which are not ideal as you do not have enough time to properly check the fire surround before signing for it.