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What is the thickness of a marble or granite back panel?

April 13, 2011


Typically Marble, Granite & Slate back panels are 20mm thick.

Are there any particular requirements I should be aware off?

If you will be installing a gas fire then the back panel you use should be made from a non combustible material such as marble or granite. An MDF board would hence not be suitable. Marble and Granite back panels are 20mm thick as an industry standard. Sheets that are used to fabricate back panels are imported in this thickness.

A Slabbed Panel is needed for solid fuel fires

If you will be installing a real wood or coal burning fire, then you will need a “slabbed” (cut and re-joined) back panel to accompany your surround. Slabbed panels are cut and re-joined to create expansion joints for the heat to disperse and hence eliminate the risk of the back panel cracking whilst in use. The back of the hearth is also filled with cement to increase its resistance to heat.

How much do back panels cost?

Typically a Marble back panel would £100 in a retail shop such as B&Q or a fireplace specialist. At creative fireplaces, we have a range of marble back panels and hearth from as low as £140 including VAT & delivery