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What Is The Recommended Fireplace Size For My Room?

August 11, 2012

At Creative Fireplaces, we are a specialist fireplace manufacturer with over 22 years experience manufacturing bespoke marble fireplaces. We make our fire surround is 4 standard sizes:


Grand: 54 inches wide [ 1372 mm]

Regular: 48 inches wide [1219 mm]

Petite: 42 inches wide [1067 mm]

Extra Petite: 40 inches wide [1016 mm]


1. Fireplace sizes are usually specified by the fireplace mantle (top shelf of fireplace) size. The mantle width is usually the same width as the hearth.

2. Typically we would recommend fitting a fireplace that is proportional to your room size or chimney breast size. This means you should fit a fire surround that leaves around 2 inches gap on either side of your chimney breast typically. If the fire surround is larger than your chimney breast, it will not look proportional to your room size and seem to large visually. Although the exact size of your fireplace is a personal choice and extremely subjective, as a rule of thumb try leave 2 inch overhang on either side of the chimney.

3. If you are fitting a fire surround against a flat wall (very common with electric fireplaces), then we would recommend perhaps outlining the area that that you would like the fireplace to occupy and apply the same rule of thumb (leave a 2 inch border spacing). 4.It is important to remember to order a fireplace that complements your room and does not look too large or small. Proportionality is key in home decor.