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What is the Maximum heat output of a Gas fire and electric fireplace?

January 16, 2011

For some homes a high output fire is essential as the fireplace is used as a primary source of heat. The maximum output on a gas fireplaces will depend on the type of chimney you have. A class 1 (brick chimney) will be able to accommodate fires with a much higher heat output than a shallow class 2 or pre-cast chimney. The heat output on a gas fire will also depend on the make, model and efficiency of the fire you select.

On average gas fires start from 3kw outputs and go up-to 4.5kw in output. It is important to always read the “gas output” ration when considering a fire rather than the gas input. Electric fires have a maximum heat output of 2kw, which is the maximum heat that can be generated from a standard 3amp socket and fan heater.

Although a 2kw heater doesn’t sound like very much it is ample to heat a mid sized room, and the fire is 100% efficient as there is no heat lost up the chimney (the typical gas fire is only 60% efficient). Solid fuel burns at much higher temperatures than gas or electric fires, and can generate heat outputs in excess of 7kw. Some solid fuel fires can even power a entire central heating and water system.