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What Is The Difference between Stone Fireplaces & Marble Fireplaces?

November 14, 2012

Stone Fireplaces have been around for centuries and the same can be argued about Marble Fire Surrounds. However many customers get confused with the similarities and differences between the two.

What is the difference?

1. Arguably Marble is a type of stone and hence can be called a stone fireplace. However when people refer to a stone fireplace, they often mean a fire surround manufactured from matt quarried natural stone. Hence even a limestone fire surround would not be classified as a stone fireplace to some homeowners.

2. Stone is much more porous than marble and for that reason has a matt surface rather than a shiny finish. A shiny surface either appeals to you or doesn’t and there is no clear indication as to which surface is best to manufacture fire surrounds.

3.Ideally you would want the fire surround to be as hard wearing as possible and for that reason marble fireplaces are often regarded as superior to stone alternatives as they are less porous and harder to stain. It is possible to simply wipe down a marble fire surround to clean it, where as a stone cannot be cleaned in this manner 4. Several firms sell sealers to make stone less porous and harder wearing, however there is no sealant on the market (currently) that can permanently elevate the porous nature of stone.