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What Is The Difference Between Black Marble & Granite?

January 20, 2012

* Customers often mistakenly refer to Black Granite as Black Marble, however the two products are very different. When someone typically refers to Black Marble they mean shiny polished black granite as can be seen from the image below *

Black Marble is a dark background colour with random veining running through the material. Creative Fireplaces has been in the fireplace industry for over 20 years, traditionally Black Marble (with the veining) was very popular in art deco fire surrounds. However, in modern homes with the simple clean linear look this material is rarely used in the fireplace industry * Creating a contrast by introducing another colour is a great way to break up the monotony and symmetry of fireplaces. If used correctly the change of colour can create a stunning focal point (as can be seen by the image below) * Black Granite is a more expensive material than marble as it is used in the Kitchen Worksop industry. For this reason having a fire surround with a Black Granite hearth or Panel would cost more than a full marble fire surround. Typically the extra charge is £100 depending on what is required * Black Granite is also more heat resistant than marble and can even be used for solid fuel fireplaces if the hearth (base) and back panel (where fire is recessed) is cut and rejoined into sections