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What is the difference between a Balanced Flue & a Power flue gas fire?

January 05, 2011

Balanced flue gas fires and Power flue gas fires are both externally piped out of an exterior wall, rather than using a conventional chimney. The main advantage of both these type of fires is the possibility of having a gas fireplace without the necessity of having a chimney (although access to an exterior wall is needed)

what is the main difference between a Balanced Flue & a Power flue gas fire?

Essentially both fires perform the same function. Balanced Flue gas fires have a glass screen in front of the fire, and for that reason are higher efficiency than Power Flue fires. It is possible to get Balanced flue fires with upto 98% efficiency, as opposed to 60% for the regular Power flue fires. Power flue fires are open fronted and arguably more realistic as they have a open living flame fire effect. Some home-owners are very against glass fronted fires despite the increase in efficiency as they feel the overall effect if compromised and there is very little visual difference between an electric fireplace and a glass fronted gas fireplace.

How much do Balanced Flue & a Power flue gas fires cost?

On average these sort of fires range between £400 to £800 depending on the make and model of the fire. The mechanism is complex and difficult to manufacture and for that reason, this type of fire is more expensive than conventional gas fires which start as low as £150.