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What is a fireplace hearth, is it the bit on the floor or wall?

March 04, 2011


A fireplace hearth is the base section of your fire surround, or the part of the fireplace that sits on the floor.

More information on fireplace hearth

Fireplace hearths are usually made out of marble, granite or slate. The typical fireplace hearth is 50 mm high. The overall 50 mm height is achieved by 20 mm horizontal section combined with a 30 mm vertical section (often referred to as the fireplace riser), hence the overall height is 50 mm (20 mm +30 mm). Marble fireplace hearths are suitable for gas or electric fires as standard; however they have to be modified if you will be using solid fuel wood burning fires. Slabbing is a process that involves cutting the hearth into sections to create purpose-built expansion joints, and hence adapting the fireplace hearth to be suitable for solid fuel wood burning fires.

What is a fireplace back panel?

The fireplace back panel, or often referred to as the fire back is the section within which inset gas or electric fire is recessed. Back panel is the section of the fireplace that fits against the wall or chimney. The typical contact in a marble back panel is 16.25 inches wide X 22.25 inches high, and this will accommodate 99.9% of fires.

Creative fireplaces manufacturers’ hearth and back panel to bespoke sizes

As creative fireplaces, we manufacture all our own fireplace hearths and back panel’s, and are able to make custom-built sizes to suit your individual requirements.