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What fireplace recess or rebate is required for a electric fire surround?

January 28, 2011

Perhaps one of the most challenging things about purchasing you electric fireplace is ensuring that you will be able to install it the void within your chimney breast or against a flat wall. Electric an insert fires very in total recess depth required, and for that reason there is no one specific size of recess depth that it's all all electric fireplaces.

Installing an electric fire surround against a chimney breast

In most homes electric fireplace will be installed against an existing chimney breast. In this case the internal workings of the electric fire (often referred to as the fire engine) can be recess within the chimney. In this case the optimal solution is to have a 25 mm rebate which pushes the back panel is fire up against the wall as possible (25 mm recess- 20 mm thickness of back panel = 5 mm allowance the grout to stick the back panel against the chimney breast).

Installing an electric fireplace against a flat wall

If you're installing an electric fireplace against a flat wall with no recess, then you will need to have a larger fireplace rebate to accommodate the depth insert electric fire. The most popular electric fires in the market are manufactured by Dimplex and on average have the recess depth requirement of 55 mm. You would advise that you purchase a fire surround with 75 mm rebate which leaves you ample room to accommodate the fire. Some modern electric fires have very realistic flame effects, however to create such an effect they require a very large working mechanism which is often hundred and 145 mm 165 mm deep. In this case it is possible to purchase a spacer which sits on the fireplace hearth and hides some of the internal workings of the fire. On average most electric fire spaces are able to accommodate recess depth and 80 mm, and hence you will still require a 75 mm rebate (which can be found in the majority of conventional fire surrounds).

Creative fireplaces can alter the fireplace rebate to accommodate your fire

As a direct manufacturer of marble fireplace surrounds we are able to modify the fireplace rebate to suit your individual application or requirements. We are even able to make fire surrounds with 160 mm recess which are able to accommodate the deepest Dimplex optimist electric fires.