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What Adhesive Or Substance Is Used To Fix Fireplace Panels To The Wall?

July 21, 2011

Fire surrounds are supplied in several different sections and the terminology will unfortunately vary from different suppliers.

Various sections of a fire surround

1. The fireplace hearth is the base section of the fireplace and is usually sand and cemented to the floor. If you are installing an electric fire then there is no legal or building regulations to follow and the hearth could simply be placed on the floor. It is important to note that a marble hearth would weigh in excess of 50 kilos and the sheer weight will often be enough to keep it in position

2. The Back panel is the section within which the fire is recessed. The installation process will depend on the rebate (distance from back of wall to front of panel) specified for the fire surround. If your fire surround has been manufactured with a 25mm rebate then you simply apply tile adhesive and stick the panel to the wall. 25mm rebate less 20mm thickness for back panel = 5mm void for tile adhesive to stick panel to wall If you fire surround has a larger rebate (for example to accommodate the depth of an electric fire against a flat wall), then you will need to push the back panel forward using suitable material such as timber. The material used to push the back panel forward does not need to be non-combustible if you are fitting an electric fire as there is no direct heat behind the back panel At Creative Fireplaces we always speak to our customer prior to manufacturing a fire surround (all fireplace are made to order in Nottinghamshire) to ensure that we have the correct rebate for your installation. This make our Marble Fireplaces much easier to install as you do not have to fill unnecessary voids if they are not needed

3. The Fireplace columns or legs are the two pillars of the fire surround. At Creative Fireplaces we manufacture all our fireplace with factory fitted hidden fixing brackets. This make the fireplace very easy to install as you simply screw the brackets into the wall (similar to what you would do with a TV wall bracket)

4. The fireplace mantle is the top section of the fireplace. We would recommend securing this to the fireplace by using conventional clear silicon