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What Adhesive Is Recommended For Marble Fire Surrounds?

June 07, 2012

Marble Fire Surrounds should be supplied either fully assembled or in manageable sections. Typically fire surrounds are supplied in 6 sections:

Section 1: The hearth (base of fireplace),

Section 2: back panel (section where fire is recessed),

Section 3 & 4: The two side columns (legs of fire surround),

Section 5: Fireplace header (where down lights etc are located) &

Section 6: The mantle (top shelf of fireplace).

Recommended adhesives for marble fire surrounds:

At Creative Fireplaces, we recommend using clear regular silicon for the joints where the various marble sections meet. Silicon is a very flexible adhesive that is ideal for use to secure the various sections of the fire surround. Essentially the main advantage of using silicon over a more permanent and harsh adhesive (such as ‘no nails’) is that silicon can be removed at a later stage if it is not needed.

Example: If you stick the mantle (top shelf of fireplace) to the body of the fire surround using silicon and have a problem with the down lights in the future, then you can break the silicon seal and remove the mantle to access the electrical parts. If your fireplace mantle was stuck down with an alternative adhesive, then this would not really be possible and be a major hindrance.