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Ways to prevent a Marble Back Panel and Fireplace Hearth from cracking

January 27, 2011

Marble is essentially porous material which is very commonly used in the fireplace industry due to its pleasant colour and aesthetic properties. Marble fireplaces are also very easy to maintain as they require very minimal maintenance and simply need to be wiped down with a damp cloth. The majority of timber fire surrounds are also supplied with a marble back panel and hearth as it is a cost effective and non-combustible material which is ideal for use with gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces alike. Antique White:        Milano Beige:   

   Sienna Gold

Ways to prevent marble back panel and hearth from cracking:

Marble back panel & fireplace hearths will crack due to intense heat if there is no vent for the heat to escape. The heat will eventually forms a crack and disburses. Slabbing explained: In order to avoid a marble back panel and hearth from cracking, it  is important to create purpose-built expansion and contraction joints. This process is often known as slabbing. The back the fireplace hearth and back panel is also filled with cement, and this again increases its tolerance against high temperatures.

Black granite back panel and fireplace hearths are more resistant to heat that marble

Black Granite is much more resilient material that marble and often used when resistance to high temperatures is required. Again it is important to have black granite slabbed (cut and rejoined into several sections in order to allow the heat disperse), however black granite is naturally much more heat resistant that marble.