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Ways To Fit A Marble Fireplace Surround against a wall without Brackets Showing?

July 18, 2011

Undoubtedly marble fireplaces look allot better without exposed brackets showing. However, the most important thing to bear in mind is the necessity to securely fasten the fireplace to the wall and eliminate the risk of damage. On average marble fireplaces can weigh 200 kgs (23 stone) and it is vital that they are securely fastened to ensure safety standards are maintained

Brackets For Marble Fireplaces

1. We have spoken to many customers over the years that have purchased marble fire surrounds over the internet and have not received any mechanism to fix them. As a prominent factory we often get asked how to remedy such a problem. The answer is unfortunately not that straight forward as it initially appears. From our experience the entire fire surround has to be designed in a manner in which it can be easily installed and secured. If the fireplace has not been designed in this way then it is difficult and often impossible to create a fitting system at a later stage (EG. Getting chunks of metal and saying how will this bridge suspend over the required area)

2. We would strongly suggest you always purchase a marble fireplace from a reliable supplier with sufficient experience selling such products. It is not advisable to purchase such products from newly established firms that import heavily from low cost countries such as China

3. At Creative Fireplaces, we have specialised in manufacturing marble fireplaces in our Nottinghamshire factory since 1990 and have vast experience in the matter. All our fireplaces are supplied with hidden factory fitted brackets in a system that is unique and very effective