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The average height for a fireplace hearth (base section of fire surround) from the floor is 50mm total thickness

March 18, 2011

When you are replacing an existing fireplace hearth (base section of the fire surround) is important to note that the average thickness of the fireplace hearth is 50 mm total height from the floor to the top of the hearth.

What makes up the total 50 mm height?

The overall 30 mm height of the fireplace hearth is achieved by having a 20 mm horizontal section bonded to a 30 mm vertical section often referred to as the fireplace riser. The overall height is hence 50 mm (20 mm +30 mm equals 50 mm).

Is it possible to increase the overall height fireplace hearth?

Yes it is possible to increase the overall height of fireplace hearth, by simply increasing the size of the riser (vertical section fireplace hearth). This means effectively you can create virtually any overall size of fireplace hearths that you require. In some circumstances it is important to measure the opening in your existing fire chamber (often referred to as the builders opening in chimney). If the overall height of the fireplace hearth is higher than the cut out in your fire chamber, then it will not be possible to recess your fire. In our experience it is possible in the majority of circumstances to have a hearth with an overall height of 100 mm and still have ample recess depth for an inset electric or gas fire.