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Tall Marble Fireplaces

December 04, 2012

The average overall height of a marble fire surround will vary depending on the design and the average height from manufacturer to manufacturer also varies. Traditional Marble Fire Surrounds were all very high and had an average overall height of 47 inches or taller (1.2 meters).

How do I measure a fire surround height?

1. It is important to carefully read the specification of a fireplace prior to placing an order. The height of a fire surround will vary in definition between various manufacturers. At Creative Fireplaces, we keep things simple and simply measure the overall height from the floor to the top of the mantle (top shelf of the fire surround). We find this is the easiest way to measure a fireplace as most customers are typically concerned about the height and would prefer a definitive answer as opposed to something more ambiguous that needs to be assessed and evaluated to work out. However, other manufacturers often do not include the hearth height in the calculation and hence you have to add the hearth height (approximately 60mm) to work out the overall height of your fireplace.

2. As a direct manufacturer of our own fireplaces, we are able to vary the overall height of our products to suit customer specifications. In the past we have manufactured bespoke orders to fit between the gaps in Daido rails, below mirrors/paintings etc. Our in-house team of stone masons will custom build your fireplace to suit your very requirements at a fraction of high street prices, we are typically 70% cheaper than most high street alternatives.