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T shaped Marble Granite and Slate hearths

August 30, 2010

 A Fireplace Hearth is the bottom section of the fire surround. It is customary and conventional to have a base on a fireplace which is known as the hearth. Fireplace hearths are suitable as standard for use with gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces without modification. However, if you will be using a fire surround with solid fuel (this involves burning coal or logs) then you will need to have the fire hearth slabbed. Slabbing is a process that involves cutting the hearth into sections and rejoining it. The back section of the hearth is filled with cement to make it more heat resistant.

The conventional shape of a Fireplace Hearth

Fireplace hearths are usually rectangular in shape. The standard edge profile is boxed and lipped, this involves recessing a piece of Marble or Granite further behind and having a modest over hang on the top shelf of the hearth. Occasionally there will be a section of the heart that is inserted into the fire chamber, when this is the case you will need (a T shaped hearth). The "T" shaped hearth can easily be manufactured by either combining the whole shape required in one section, or alternatively supplying the extra piece in a separate section.