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Surrounds That Fit Around Wall Mounted Flueless Fires

November 11, 2011

Answer: Needs to be non combustible and have large rebate Although Flueless fires are relatively new in the UK, they have been used around the world for many centuries. As this is a new technology, it is difficult to find adequate information about the fires and also sourcing a suitable fire surround can often be a nightmare if you do not know where to source such products from. 

What do flueless fires do?

Flueless fires are gas powered and effectively allow you to install a gas fire in a home without a chimney, flue or exterior wall. A conventional gas fire needs to be vented in some manner and is typically vented through an existing chimney or pipe through an exterior wall. Flueless fires work using a catylitic converter (similar to what you find in a car). Effectively these fires can be fitted in any room as they have an internal mechanism to convert toxic vapour into a safe alternative

Fire surrounds for flueless fires

1. At Creative fireplaces, we specialise in marble fire surrounds and have been manufacturing these in our Nottinghamshire factory for over 22 years. Marble Fireplaces are an ideal material to use for Flueless fires as it is non combustible (unlike timber or resin alternatives).

2. We typically modify the inner rebate (void within the fire surround to accommodate) the depth required to fully recess flueless fires.

(a) Essentially we need to manufacture a non standard fire surround to do this. (b) Conventional gas fires have the working mechanism of the fire recessed into a chimney or flue.

(c) Flueless fires work in the opposite way and are recessed against a flat wall and the fire surround needs to have enough depth to recess the working mechanism of the fire.

(d) Typically a regular fire surround only has a 25mm void, where as a 110mm recess is often required to recess a flueless gas fire (hence the need for a non standard fire surround)