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Replacing Fire Surrounds & Retaining Hearth & Panel

January 19, 2013

We frequently get approached by customers looking to replace their fire surrounds only (excluding the back panel & hearth). This is a typical scenario if you have installed a timber fire surround and already have a marble back panel & hearth. At Creative Fireplaces, we own the factory where our fire surrounds are manufactured and are able to make a made to measure fire surround that will accommodate your current back panel (section where fire is recessed) and hearth (base of fireplace).

What you should consider:

1. The back panel and hearth are included in our Marble Fire Surround packages. Our prices start from as little as £399 including the back panel and hearth. It is possible to manufacture the fire surround without the back panel and hearth, however the average saving is typically only £30 to £40. The majority of customer would hence opt to have an entire fire surround including the new back panel and hearth.

2. To manufacture a fire surround to accommodate your current back panel and hearth, you need to measure the overall height and width of the panel. Some fire surrounds require different sized panels and hence may need to be modified to fit your current back panel. The average size of a standard back panel (for a timber fireplace) is 37 inches wide x 37 inches high with a cut out 16.25 inches wide (413mm) x 22.25 inches high (565mm). The back panel in marble fire surrounds are often smaller and typically 32 inches x 32 inches (however will vary depending on the overall height of the fireplace).