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Our Gas Fireplace Doesn’t Have A Chimney What Can I Do?

November 29, 2011

Answer: Balanced Flue or Flueless Gas fires will be suitable (read below) In Many circumstances you may wish to install a gas fireplace, however have no chimney or flue. In this circumstance it is possible to install a Balanced Flue or Flueless Gas Fire if you do not have a chimney or flue where you would like to install your gas fire. The Below article will outline some of the key fax that you should know about both types fires.

Balanced Flue fires explained:

1. Balanced Flue fires are designed to be vented from the exterior wall. Essentially this fire is designed to be to have a flue pipe from the fire through the external wall and capped on the outside of the exterior wall (rather than up a chimney)

2. Balanced flue gas fires are always glass fronted and achieve efficiencies in excess of 90%. This means these types of fires are extremely cost-effective to run once installed as there is minimal heat loss

3. The main disadvantages of Balanced flue gas fires is that they are glass fronted (not an open living flame) and often cost in excess of £500 (due to the complex technology involved in manufacturing this type of fire)

4. Fire surrounds for Balanced Flue fires should ideally have a minimal void and the back panel should be pushed as far back to the wall as possible. This means your fitter will simply remove an exterior brick and vent the fire externally. At Creative Fireplaces we will adapt and manufacture any of our fire surrounds to ensure they are extremely fitter friendly for this type of fire 

Flueless Gas fires explained

1. These fires are designed with a specialist catalytic converter (similar to a car) that changes harmful vapor to a safe form and effectively allows you to fit a gas fire in any room in your home

2. Flueless Gas fires are also glass fronted and cost in excess of £450 usually

3. These fires are 100% efficient as there is no heat loss

4. All flueless gas fires need a minimum room size (which will depend on the fire selected) and may need an air brick in the room to increase the air flow (or amount of times the air can change in the room when the fire is on). The major criticism of this is that an air brick can make your room cold and defeats the objective

5. Fire surrounds for some inset flueless fires need an extremely deep recess. Sometimes certain flueless gas fires (such as Burley fires) need 110mm recess. At Creative Fireplaces we can modify any of our fire surrounds to make them suitable id needed