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Micro marble is a reconstituted stone made from crushed marble mixed with resin

June 01, 2011

At Creative Fireplaces, we often get asked to explain what the difference is between Micro Marble and Natural marble.

What is Micro Marble?

Micro marble is a re-constituted stone. Our marble is imported in sheets and worked the same way as 100% natural marble. The Micro Marble slabs are typically 95% crushed marble mixed with special resin. The reason for using engineered stone (man made) is to get the colours we offer. It would hence not be possible to source a 100% natural marble which is as attractive as Sienna Gold or as pure white as Antique White, so the fireplace industry have developed Micro Marble as an alternative.

Marble Samples

At Creative Fireplaces, we believe it is important to see the marble that will be used to manufacture your fireplace prior to making any purchasing decisions. We send out marble samples to all our customers prior to manufacturing a fireplace. The samples you received have been cut down to minimise postage. The actual fireplace is made from 17mm- 20mm thick sheets of marble.

Are Micro Marble Fireplaces Heat Resistant?


Micro Marble is suitable for gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces. However, Micro Marble is not suitable for solid fuel fires (burning coal or logs). For micro marble to be suitable for solid fuel fires, the marble needs to be cut and re-joined to create expansion joints and allow the heat to disperse without forming a crack.

Why should I purchase a micro marble fireplace?

1. Micro marble is more stain resistant than natural marble

2. Micro marble is available in colours that are not available in natural marble. Hence it would not be possible to have 100% pure white marble without any veining (however this is possible in Micro Marble)

3. Micro marble is easier to work than natural marble. Micro marble slabs do not have cracks and faults that are predominant in natural marble slabs

4. Micro marble is virtually identical to 100% natural marble