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Micro Marble advantages & Solid Fuel Fires Guide

December 25, 2011

Micro Marble is a revolutionary product developed for the fireplace market; however it is often misunderstood as an inferior product by customers. Essentially micro marble is arguably a much better alternative than 100% natural marble or stone fireplaces

What is micro marble?

1. Micro marble is reengineered stone developed for the fireplace industry. The material is typically made up of 95% marble and 5% resin (depending on the colour selected). Micro marble was developed to create colour consistency, and avoid the imperfections of natural marble and stone.

2. Micro marble is a harder wearing material than natural marble & stone. It is also more stain and harder to scratch

3. The main advantage of micro marble is colour consistency, which should not be understated. We have over the years had several problems with customers being unsatisfied with our trade dealers whom have not fully explained the variations within natural marble to their customers. Essentially every piece of natural marble is completely random and varied. Although you may have seen a colour consistent example in a showroom, the fireplace you receive will probably look nothing like the example and have a darker, lighter or more veined pattern. This causes several issues as customers feel they have been incorrectly sold a product and manufacturers /showrooms argue that the product is natural

4. Fireplaces manufactured from micro marble are often reffered to as marble fireplaces

Micro marble uses

1. Micro marble is a non combustible material and is suitable for gas and electric fires. It is not suitable for solid fuel fires. Despite what many people think, 100% natural marble is also not suitable for solid fuel applications 2. Micro marble can be adapted for use with solid fuel fireplaces if there is no direct heat near the surface of the stone, as shown in the example below