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Marble Surrounds To Suit Log Burning Fires

January 14, 2013

At Creative Fireplaces we specialise in Marble Fire Surrounds. Typically all our fire surrounds are used with conventional gas and electric fires. However, like all marble fire surrounds it is possible to adapt designs to suit a wood burning stove.

Marble Surrounds for Wood Burners:

1. Marble fire surrounds can be used for wood burning stoves if you maintain minimum distances away from the fire. Typically the marble should be 300mm away from the fire (left and right) and be at least 450mm away from the top of the flame (height). If you are installing a wood burning stove, then typically the manufacturer of the stove will also specify distances that should be maintained. You should carefully read through these options and ensure that you fully comply with the manufacturers recommendations.

2. The fireplace hearth (base section of fireplace) should be manufactured from Black Granite, which is a stronger material and much harder wearing than marble. The hearth should also be cut into sections and stuck back together (a process known as Slabbing). The hearth essentially has built in expansion joints which allows the heat to escape without the risk of cracking the hearth and hence is ideal for solid fuel fires.